RIBS Commercial L.P., a privately owned, limited partnership company, was founded in the year 1995 and registered in Budapest with the Companies' Registry. This partnership, in the form of a company, was established between two individuals, Katalin and Snehangshu, Roys , also partners by wedlock. After having worked in various capacities with different commercial organisations, over a span of several years, in India and Russia, Snehangshu came up with this novel idea of Rendering Innovative Business Solutions to commercial organisations; something different from the rigid patterns of the modern day, institutionalised, business norms, followed by majority enterprises and enterpreneurs the world over.

Unlike average enterpreneural aspirations, Snehangshu's primary aim was to remain occupied within the realms of commerce and industry, not so much for the sake of establishing another profit making institution, but to further the cause of building a better society by providing representative and intermediary commercial services to the already established organisations who work for the same cause. With the valuable inspiration and intellectual support from Katalin, RIBS works in close association with like-minded individuals, individuals whose functions have been outsourced by their former employers, individuals with special skills or expertise who got tired of having to show up at the same time every day and have someone else benefit from their labour.

RIBS specialises in the markets of Central-Eastern Europe and the erstwhile USSR, where both the partners of RIBS have spend several years - studying, travelling, working and thereby acquiring extensive knowledge, experience and understanding of the peculiar and diverse socio-political structure of the regions, their languages, the habits and the customs of their peoples, which dictate, to a great extent, the regional market trends and practices. The actual purpose of forming the company was also to provide independent, creative and constructive support to such enterprises and enterpreneurs who might want to share and avail the extensive experience and the knowledge base of the two individuals who own and operate RIBS today.

So what does RIBS signify?

RIBS, in our context and interpretation, signifies:
- Rendering Innovative Business Solutions
- Representative and Intermediary Business Services
- Re-Inforcement of your existing Business Strategies
- Reliable Informative Business Source